Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive

About the Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive

The Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive was formed shortly after the announcement of the new Yume Nikki game, YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-. At some point, the publishing rights to Yume Nikki were sold to Playism, and development of the new game was tasked to Kadokawa Corporation. Since large corporations wish to protect their intellectual property, it now becomes a possibility that Yume Nikki fan games could get taken down. The Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive was created to provide a decentralized backup of all Yume Nikki fan games.



Official Accounts

Take down my fan game!

We will not take down your fan game unless you provide us with a good reason.

Examples of Good Reasons - Leaked personal information, Malware.

Examples of Bad Reasons - The game is bad, Wanting the game removed from the internet.

After providing us with a good reason, offending files will be removed in the next public update to the archive.